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When You Sing

Karine Abergel, Khoa Le

When You Sing is about the unique song that lives inside the heart of every child. Through heartfelt rhymes, When You Sing reminds us that only we can sing the song we are meant to sing, and that once we do, we discover our amazing capacity to transform the world around us in ways we never thought possible. With beautiful and touching illustrations from award winning illustrator Khoa Le, we follow the journey of a girl who, through the beauty of her song and voice, finds her true connection with everything around her, and remembers that she is never alone. From the willow trees, whales and stars, to the people she loves that are no longer near, she learns how her voice will always connect her to what enlivens her and touches her heart. When You Sing is a beautiful reminder that you are an incredible song waiting to be sung, and that you must “sing so everyone can feel how you make this world bright”, because you do.

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